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The "Why" behind Tutorial


Examples of Persevering


Directions for Accessing Plus Time


Step by Step Directions for Plus Time

Step 1: Click on the Plus+Time Student Tutorial Login


Step 2: Enter your school email address.



Step 3: Enter your password which is the same for everyone today: gryphons


Step 4: Find your name in the upper right hand corner and click on it.  Choose edit profile.  Change your password.  Choose something you will remember and that no one else will know.


Step 5: Make sure you read the announcements each week.


Step 6: Under “Activities” you will see a drop down menu.  (If you have a Tutorial offering already in that box, this indicates that one of your teachers feels that you need more support in that skill--and this is the Tutorial offering you will attend).  If you have a blank box, use the drop down menu to choose which offering you believe will benefit your academic growth.  Make sure that what you choose is offered to your grade level.

Step 7: To ensure that your choice has been recorded in the system, please sign out and sign back in.  Your choice should be in the box.



*7th and 8th graders only*


2nd semester schedules will be distributed on Wednesday, 12/21/16 during Homeroom/1st period.  They will also be available online through Infinite Campus on 1/7/17. 


For elective change requests, please fill out a pink form from the front office, get parent/guardian signature, and return to the counseling office by Friday, 1/13/17.  Please note class change requests are accepted for electives only (no Core, Science, Math, or PE changes).  Please also note that oftentimes elective changes are not able to be made, due to electives being full and only offered during certain periods. 


The Board of Education approved the district's instructional calendar for the 2017-18  school year. Click here to access the calendar. First day of school is Monday, August 14th!

Please help support our food drive for the Contra Costa County Food Bank.  11/29 to 12/19.  We have bins in the front office that are ready for your donations.  Here is a list of the most needed foods:
Natural peanut butter
Whole grain cereal and oats
Hearty low sodium soups and chili
Canned tuna and chicken in water
Canned fruit and vegetables
Beans, lentils and brown Rice
Whole grain pasta
Canned tomato products
Please no glass containers.  Thank you for your generosity!

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) Board of Education is seeking members for the Facilities Oversight and Advisory Committee (FOAC). Through this committee, the community as a whole is able to participate in the process of reviewing school facilities and of planning for the future. A key priority for the committee will be to provide advice to the Board, the Superintendent, and senior district management on current and future facilities issues affecting SRVUSD and their impact on education.


Committee Responsibilities

  1. Provide oversight of Measure D facilities bond projects and expenditures;
  2. Review current and future SRVUSD facilities and master plans and provide recommendations to the Board and district management on the priority of implementation;
  3. Review financial and performance audits and submit an annual report to the Board of Education;
  4. Review and provide recommendations related to district standards and long term maintenance;
  5. Review and provide recommendations on the development of a comprehensive list of facilities priorities that would require additional revenue sources;
  6. Review and recommend solutions for the proper protection of the community’s investment in maintaining school facilities.

FOAC Composition

The FOAC consists of at least seven (7) board-appointed members to serve for a term of at least two (2) years, without compensation, and for no more than three (3) consecutive terms. The membership will reflect the SRVUSD community. Education Code requires that representation on such a committee must include the following:

  • A member who is active in a business organization within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District;
  • A member active in a senior citizen’s organization;
  • A member active in a bona fide taxpayers association;
  • A parent/guardian of a child currently enrolled in SRVUSD and active member of a parent/teacher organization such as PTA or school site council.


The FOAC shall meet a minimum of four (4) times each year.

Applications are available HERE or at the School District Office, 699 Old Orchard Drive in Danville.


Deadline to submit applications is December 12, 2016.


November  10, 2016

Dear Principal, Teachers,  Office Manager, Parent, Faculty or PTA President:

The GFWC Dublin San Ramon Women’s Club will sponsor  the 2017 STUDENT ART CONTEST.

This is the 25th year of our sponsorship.  The contest is open to all students in the cities of Dublin and San

Ramon.  The artwork and photography must be completed as an individual effort and not a class project.

It should be mounted on stiff poster board.  The student art and photography will be exhibited in the

community.  Art should be no larger than 18” x 24”.  Photographs should be no larger than 8” x 10”.


There is no specific theme for the 2017 Student Art Contest.  Any medium, oil, watercolor, chalk, pencil, crayon, etc. can be used.

Categories for this contest are as follows:


Grades K-1       Grades 6-8

Grades 2-3       Grades 9-12

Grades 4-5       All photography must be no larger

Grades 6-8       than 8” x 10”, mount on rigid mat

Grades 9-11        Photo must have been taken

Graduating Seniors      during contest year (Jan.1, 2016

Special Education K-8      Dec. 31, 2016).  Back of photo  must

Special Education 9-12      have arrow drawn indicating the top.


Entries need to be in the School Office NO LATER THAN 12 NOON ON FEB. 22, 2017

ALL entries must have the following information on the REVERSE SIDE OF THE ART WORK:

Student’s first & last name, grade level, teacher and school name

All entries will receive certificates.  Each 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entry will receive a cash award and a ribbon presented at the Student Art Reception on April 23, 2017.  Families, teachers and friends of the student winners are welcome to attend.  A letter with details on the art reception will be hand delivered to the winners schools.  1st, 2nd, & 3rd  place winners move on to the Mt. Diablo District competition held Mar. 9, 2017.

All Mt. Diablo District 1st place winners will be entered in the CFWC State Contest, May 2017.  For more information email Shirley Anderson, or call 925.828.5389.


*****Please note- the dates posted below are from last year's timeline.  This will be updated in January/February once the district high schools update their deadlines for 2016-2017.*****


SRVUSD recognizes that some students want to challenge themselves academically beyond the classroom.  Course advancement is one opportunity available for our students.  Students may enroll in an approved math, science, or world language (Spanish, French, or Chinese) course of study outside of SRVUSD that may lead to course advancement.  We also recognize that advancement is not for all students.  Families must determine if their student(s) can manage the fast pace curriculum delivery. 


In order to be eligible for Advancement in SRVUSD, you must register by Friday, June 10, 2016. Click here to complete the registration form, or copy and paste this link into your browser:


8th graders currently in Common Core 8 Math at GRMS:

  • Since students are required to take Algebra at an SRVUSD school, they MUST take Algebra in 9th grade.  Once enrolled in Algebra at DVHS in 9th grade, they may choose to advance by taking an outside WASC-accredited Geometry course or Science courses.  Please see DVHS counselor, once student is a 9th grader for more information.   
  • Any 8th grade student may choose to advance in World Language (Spanish, French, or Chinese).  8th graders taking Spanish/French/Chinese 1B would take Spanish/French/Chinese 2 in the spring/summer.  8th graders not currently taking a world language would take Spanish/French/Chinese 1 in the spring/summer. 

8th graders currently in Accelerated Algebra or Geometry at GRMS:

  • A student may begin taking Math or Science courses for advancement purposes no earlier than the spring semester (please note a change in previous district policy, when students used to be allowed to take it in the fall) of their 8th grade year (coursework taken prior to that, including the summer between 7th & 8th grades, and first semester of 8th grade, will not apply).  Students must go to the DVHS website and complete the online "Advancement" Google Form (at before signing up for the course.  
  • Any 8th grade student may choose to advance in World Language (Spanish, French, or Chinese).  8th graders taking Spanish/French/Chinese 1B would take Spanish/French/Chinese 2 in the spring/summer.  8th graders not currently taking a world language would take Spanish/French/Chinese 1 in the spring/summer. 

*Please also note that it is not necessary to take math courses for advancement outside of SRVUSD.  The district now offers a new Accelerated Algebra 2 course (covers Algebra 2 AND Trigonometry).  Students are only eligible to take the Accelerated Algebra 2 placement test if they take Geometry at DVHS.  Course description in Course Catalog is as follows:

This course prepares students to take AP Calculus and other advanced math courses. Accelerated Algebra 2 is a rigorous fast paced course covering the State of California Common Core Algebra 2 Standards and the Common Core (+) standards which include advanced trigonometric concepts. This course will emphasize use of the “Eight Mathematical Practices”. Students will make sense of problem situations, solve higher order thinking problems, derive key theorems, use technology where appropriate, work ingroups to develop teamwork skills, and demonstrate procedural fluency in their responses. Prerequisite: Placement in this course is based upon multiple criteria which includes end of semester grades in Algebra 1and Geometry and passing a mastery readiness exam.


SRVUSD will accept non-district courses for advancement provided the following criteria are met:
-Students must take a class at an institution that is WASC accredited (or equivalent), issues an official transcript with a letter grade and credits, and offers courses equivalent to a year-long SRVUSD course. -Students may begin taking courses for advancement purposes in the spring semester of their 8th grade year. Coursework taken prior to that, including the summer between 7th & 8th grades, and the first semester of 8th grade, will not apply. -Students must show proficiency through a SRVUSD assessment in mathematics for purposes of placement (please note students taking Geometry no longer need to take an assessment). -Students are advised to check if the institution they will be attending is approved by the UCs & CSUs for college entrance requirements. Use this link to check the status:;jsessionid=09DCF215CAE1D2BE8AA14305745F79C7?execution=e1s2

Important Notes

-SRVUSD does not place any non-district courses on a student’s transcript unless the courses are a function of the student’s six-class program or as remediation to fulfill graduation requirements. For college applications, it is the responsibility of the student to request that a transcript be sent from the appropriate institution. In order to meet SRVUSD graduation requirements, all students must take: -TWO years of science at a district high school – one year each of Physical Science and Life Science is required; -TWO years of math at a district high school – Algebra 1 must be taken at a SRVUSD school.


Math (no longer needed for Geometry) -If a student scores <70% on the assessment test, the student will not be allowed to advance and must repeat the course during the regular school year. -If a student scores ≥70% on the assessment test, the student will be placed into the next level college prep course. -If a student scores ≥85% on the assessment test, the student will be placed into the next level honors or AP course. Science, World Languages, and Electives -Students must earn a transcript grade of C or higher in a class offered at an accredited institution in order to be placed into the next level. -Students must earn a transcript grade of B or higher in a class offered at an accredited institution in order to be placed into the next level honors or AP course. -Self-study will not be accepted.

Advancement Process

Completion Instructions: 1. Student & parent/guardian complete this electronic submission form (link is attached to this School Loop message), and submit the form with an electronic signature. 2. Student registers for and completes accredited course. 3. Student submits an official course transcript (district office) on or before the deadline (August 5, 2016). NOTE: transcripts must be received no later than the deadline - no exceptions. 4. Student takes the District assessment (if applicable- please note an assessment is no longer needed for Geometry). 5. Assessment results will be posted (location TBD). 6. If a transcript is received after the deadline (see above), the student’s schedule will not be changed. 7. Counselors will adjust the student’s schedule based on the qualifications for advancement and availability of courses. NOTE: Completing a course is NOT A GUARANTEE that a student will be placed in the next level course even if they meet all of the qualifications. Students will be placed into classes on a space-available basis.


Click here for important Advancement information including:

  • Transcript delivery address & deadline
  • Assessment information
  • Assessment scoring information and class placement information

Click here for a partial list of WASC accredited schools and the appropriate courses that students can use to advance in Math. Please note: SRVUSD does not guarantee these courses adhere to the common core curriculum or that students will pass the advancement exam.  Check with each institution to verify common core alignment.


Principal's Message

December 2016

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is about to come to a close--and what a year it has been so far!  Knowing this community, we will continue to spread love and kindness in all aspects of our lives.  In a time where the hope for a peaceful holiday season is upon us, I urge all of you to wrap yourselves in the love and warmth of your family and friends.  Take time to give to others who may be less fortunate.  Providing socks, coats, etc. to the homeless and volunteering in a soup kitchen are just two ways to do this.  The act of giving is healing, and healing is something we could all use as we move into 2017.
Speaking of 2017, there is one person who will be relaxing quite a bit more next year!  Our Lead Custodian, Pam Cooke has announced her retirement which will be effective December 22.  Pam has been at Gale Ranch since it opened and we owe her a great deal of gratitude for all her hard work.  I know you will join me in wishing her all the best.
I am consistently impressed with how the teachers and staff do whatever it takes to spread goodwill within our community.  Whether it’s providing for our Sister School in Richmond or offering extra support for our own students, the GRMS staff can be counted on—period.  They inspire me to go the extra mile each and every day!  If you are inspired and would like to volunteer some time here are a couple of websites that can help:

On behalf of our wonderful GRMS staff, may you have the most peaceful of Holiday Seasons.



Sue Goldman, Principal


Upcoming Events

November 29 - Site Council

December 2 - Winter Dance 7th/8th Grade

December 9 - Drama Performance

December 14/15 - Winter Concert


Safety Reminders During Student Pick-up & Drop-Off

Greetings Parents and Students,

We want to thank our entire Gale Ranch Middle School community as we exercise patience and safe driving practices. We need a combined effort from the entire Gale Ranch ...more

Anti-Bullying Survey Results

If you would like to see the results from the 2013-14 survey, please click here

For more information on SRVUSD's bullying policy and the form for suspected bullying click here. 

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