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For the Volunteer Hours form, click here. Notes: Only hours served during the semester count. You need 5 hours of in-school community service and 5 hours of outside-of-school community service each semester.


For the CJSF Fall 2014 Application form, click here. Notes: 8th Graders only during 1st semester!


At the first general session meeting we will be taking nominations for the 2014/2015 Officer positions listed below.  Nominated students will need to prepare a short speech explaining why they would be good for the office position they are running for.  Students will speak to the members of CJSF at a special elections meeting.  CJSF members will complete their ballot at the end of the meeting.  Results will be posted in the MPR.  An Officer's Meeting will then be scheduled to meet with Mr. Nenni to plan for the year.  Check back at this website and/or listen to the school announcements for dates and locations of meetings.

List of Officer's Duties


President- ??

Vice President- ??

Treasurer- ??

Secretary- ??

Activity Director- ??

Activity Director- ??



The first CJSF meeting of the year will be held after school on Friday the 19th in the MPR. The meeting will last approximately 20 minutes and will include office nominations, information about CJSF dues, CJSF requirements and current volunteer opportunities. Don't miss it!

CJSF application window is open until September 16th

Attention 8th grade students.

The application window will be open for 8th grade students ONLY.  Grades from second semester of last year should be printed out from the Parent Portal and attached to the completed application.  Check back here AND listen to the school announcements as to when the applications will be due.  CJSF has a specified location in the office for the completed applications.  Please make sure that you look for the wall container labeled CJSF Applications.  Do not turn applications in to Mr. Nenni's mailbox.  

Once applications have been reviewed, a membership list will be posted in the MPR.    

The first General Session meeting will be Friday September 19th in the MPR.

Nominations will be taken at the meeting for students interested in the officers positions.  Dues ($5) will also be collected at the General Session meeting.  Please have your dues in a sealed envelope with your name clearly written on the front.

Important Reminders:

8th grade ONLY may apply this semester.

Previous semesters grades MUST be attached.

Due Date: Tuesday 9/16

No Late Applications Will Be Accepted!!!!

Do Not attach dues to the application.



What is CJSF?

CJSF is a statewide organization founded for the purpose of fostering high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship in the middle grades. CJSF emphasizes service to the school and the community while creating pride in scholastic achievement.

Who is eligible for membership?

Seventh and eighth grade students who qualify with the appropriate grades are eligible.

When does CJSF meet?

CJSF will meet afters school on the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting in September..

What are the academic requirements for CJSF?

The requirements to join CJSF are simple. Because it is a scholarship organization, 7th and 8th grade students earn points based on their grades.  An "A"=3pts; "B"=1 pt; and "C"=0 pts.  Students must earn 8 points per semester.  Qualifying courses are Math, Science, English and History. Students who have a D/F in any subject will not qualify for membership for that semester.

Why a membership fee?

There is a $5.00 membership dues per semester for California State affiliation.

What is required for school/community service?

Students are required to complete 10 hours of volunteer service per semester. Tutoring, coaching, volunteer work with other community groups can all be counted. Any service that is not compensated and helps others qualifies. The goal is for members to balance their high academic achievement with public or school service.

What are the benefits of CJSF membership?

Students who qualify for 3 or more semesters will promote 'With Honors". They will receive a CJSF gold pin, a certificate with a gold seal, and they will be accepted as an Associate Member in CSF (the high school California Scholarship Federation).

Membership brings with it the opportunity to participate in activities which benefit the school, the community, and the student.  Activities will include fund raisers (ink cartridge/phone recycling;??-grams); service projects (tutoring, school supply drive, food bank) and possible field trips.

When do students apply?

Eighth grade students have a 2-week window to apply at the beginning of first quarter.  A copy of the previous semester report card must be attached to the application.

Seventh grade students will be eligible to apply during the 2-week window at the beginning of third quarter.  A copy of the previous semester report card must be attached to the application

Applications are available on the CJSF web page.

How do students apply?

1. Students complete an application and submit to the CJSF box by the deadline announced by Mr. Nenni, CJSF advisor. 

2. CJSF advisor analyzes the semester report card of the applicants. Membership is based on grades earned during the preceding semester.  Previous members membership will also be based on completing club service hour requirements.

3. Membership status will be posted on the bulletin board in the MPR prior to the first meeting.



  • Volunteer for the Run For Education! Volunteering to help out the race will not only qualify as CJSF volunteer hours, it also helps our school!!! Click the link here to go to the volunteer sign-ups page.