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    Jodina Ehle, Counselor (last names A-L)

Andrea Calloway, Counselor (last names M-Z)

Jennifer Zotter, Counselor (Mondays, Thursdays)

  Beverly Ball, Counselor Tech


Your counselor is here to provide you with support to help make your experience at GRMS a positive one.  If you are ever struggling academically, socially, or emotionally, please do not hesitate to come down to the counseling office.  Everything talked about in the counseling office is confidential, which means it stays between you and the counselor.  The only time a counselor must break confidentiality is if you or another person are in danger of being harmed.


Sometimes our feelings build up inside of us, like pressure building up in a balloon.  If we continue to let our feelings build up, what will happen?... Our “emotional balloon” will “pop.”  It is important for us to have a safe place to talk about our feelings, so that we can let the pressure out of the balloon a little bit at a time.  Talking to a counselor can help you to not feel so overwhelmed.  Even though a counselor may not be able to “fix” your problems, he/she can give you extra support and tools to help you.


Ask your teacher for a pass
Ask the counselor to send you a pass
Request by the counselor, principal, or assistant principal
Request by teachers, parents, friends, or peers

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Grade Reports

School Loop:  For updated grades and assignments.  Parents are strongly encouraged to register for their own School Loop account, separate from their student's School Loop account.


Infinite Campus Portal:  For official grade reports (transcripts, report cards).  Click here to learn how to access parent/student Infinite Campus Portal.