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School Loop Guidelines for Parents

Gale Ranch Middle School

School Loop

Guidelines for Parents

Purpose of School Loop for Parents


  • School Loop is a reference for parents to use to stay informed about their student’s learning, school news, and access general school information.

Emailing Teachers


  • The GRMS teachers strive to respond to every email they receive as quickly as possible. An abundance of emails can take time away from preparing lessons for students.
  • When to email the teacher:
  • We encourage parents to first ask their student any questions that they may have, instruct their student to communicate with the teacher directly, check school loop, and then email the teacher.

How often should parents check grades and assignments on School Loop?


  • We suggest that parents check grades and assignments once a week and encourage their student to record their assignments in their planner during class.
  • Please encourage your student to check School Loop once daily for assignments.
  • Grades will be published by the 1st and 15th of each month. We recommend that parents and students check grades on these evenings.