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During CAASPP testing, students will use headphones or earbuds to listen to videos and audio items. Many students prefer to use their own headphones/earbuds for comfort reasons. For this purpose, we do recommend that students bring their own to school, however, the school can not be responsible for any damaged or lost headphones/earbuds. We do not recommend allowing students to bring expensive headphones to school. Headphones or earbuds must have a 3.5mm audio jack (the "old school" kind) -- wireless, USB, or other non-standard jacks can not be used during testing. Each classroom will have some headphones for student use, if students are not able to bring their own.


CAASPP Testing

GRMS CAASPP Testing Calendar

GRMS students will take their CAASPP tests between April 16 and May 4.

Download a printable copy of the schedule here. 


Key to abbreviations: 

CAASPP = California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress 

ELA = English/Language Arts

CAT = Computer Adaptive Test

PT = Performance Task


More information about specific CAASPP tests can be found through the SRVUSD website here

Any questions? Please contact Meighen Eberly, Assistant Principal ( or 925-479-1514)

Start Times during CAASPP Testing

During the CAASPP testing window, school start times may change. Please carefully review the following information.


Week 1: April 16-April 20

During the first week of our testing window, all students will take the English/Language Arts portion of the test in their core (Language Arts and History) classes. We will be following the regular bell schedule all week.  


Weeks 2 and 3: April 23-May 4

During the second and third weeks of our testing window, be will be following an adjusted bell schedule most days of the week. Please review the table below for the date your child(ren) will be taking the math and/or science portions of the CAASPP. Students not taking the CAASPP test on a particular date will have a late start -- students who are not testing should not arrive at school before 10:15am on adjusted bell schedule days. 



Adjusted Day Bell Schedule

The following bell schedule will be followed April 23-April 25 and April 30-May 3. Please refer to the start time table above to know which days students will be testing and which days students will have a late start. 


There will be no tutorial period during the weeks of April 23 and April 30, due to testing.