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8th Grade Activities

Promotion Activity Information


General information about 8th grade promotion activities was included in the cover sheet of the permission slip packet given to students on February 27th during the 8th grade class meeting. More detailed information will be given as we get closer to the end of the year. 


Permission slips, code of conduct, and payment are due March 23rd to the labeled wall bin in the front office. Payment may be made online through the sign up link above, but paper copies of the permission slips must be turned into the front office. If you need another copy of one or all of the permission slips, you may choose from the list below.

Promotion Party Permission Slip

Great America Permission Slip

Promotion Practice Permission Slip

Code of Conduct

Promotion Activities

8th Grade Panoramic Picture

Wednesday, March 14, 9:05 AM

$20; available online 


Students should go to first period class in the morning as usual, but will then be immediately dismissed to go to the blacktop to take the picture. Students may order panoramic pictures online when paying for promotion activities.



End of Year and Promotion Activities Calendar

May 2018