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Bethami Bergen

Ten things you didn't know about me

1. I got to work for NASA for a summer and go through astronaut training.

2. I taught science for 11 years at Charlotte Wood MS before teaching math at Los Cerros and Gale Ranch.

3. My favorite places on the planet are Muir Woods and Denali Park.

4. I love SCUBA diving but slowed down after our dive boat was shipwrecked. That was a challenging morning.

5. I launch fireworks (as part of an official, licensed crew) for 4th of July shows.

6. My husband and I dance a lot. We're on a performance team and get to do a lot of weekend shows in the summer.

7. I enjoy hiking in the East Bay Regional Park System. Our dog, Gia, walks with me. That's her picture right next to this text.

8. I read a lot of science fiction. Okay, I read a lot of other stuff too. My current favorite authors are Rick Riordan, Terry Pratchett, and Tim Ferris.

9. I like to visit science museums, like the Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science, Chabot Space and Science Center, Lick Observatory, and the CA Academy of Sciences.

10. I was GRMS Teacher of the year in June, 2010. I was PTSA Outstanding Educator of the year in May, 2018. I'm a good teacher because of such wonderful students, parent support, colleagues, and administrative and support staff. And because the math is fun!

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In the car, passenger floor
Bethami Bergen Locker