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Welcome Letter


6400 Main Branch Road

San Ramon CA 94582


August  2019

Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Gale Ranch Middle School Community!


Gale Ranch, a California Distinguished School, is academically in the top 1% of all schools in California, and owes its success to all of the hard work and dedication the administrators, teachers, staff and parents put in each year. Gale Ranch Middle School Education Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to help maintain and enhance the quality of education at Gale Ranch Middle School.


As we approach our 12th year of GRMS, we are in need of updating tech devices that benefit all students.  Our goal is to provide all students access to 21st century tools that work efficiently.  However, with 1200+ students, we see more than your average wear & tear.  The purchase of  these devices will enable students to access digital tools that help them research and author as 21st century learners. This provides our students access to a much richer variety of educational materials while developing proficiency and keeping abreast of the latest technology. 

In order to maintain this high standard of excellence, we ask parents to help support our school by making a donation of $385 per student to the Education Fund during the annual registration process.

Our goals include:

  • Reduce class sizes by providing extra sections (class offerings)

  • Ensuring that all students have access to the latest technology

  • Purchase new large capital equipment and to replace aging equipment

  • Bolster the engineering and science classes by providing equipment and technology

  • Grow the Fine Arts department by providing additional equipment and supplies.  

This is our main fundraiser for the year.  Our success in fulfilling our commitments is directly dependent on your annual contribution. For registration information please visit school website!


Thank you in advance for your contributions. Your generous support is essential to our continued success in helping Gale Ranch maintain and improve its educational excellence.




Sue Goldman                                   Rajee Subramanian (

Principal                                           President

Gale Ranch Middle School            Gale Ranch Middle School Education Fund