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Legislative Advocacy

PTA Advocacy Day for Education
April 20, 2018, 9am-2pm
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Join parents, educators, elected officials, and community members for the 38th annual PTA Advocacy Day for Education hosted by the San Ramon Valley, Las Trampas Creek, and Pleasanton PTA Councils.

Friday, April 20th, 9:00am-2:00pm
San Ramon Community Center, San Ramon

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We will explore topics related to public school funding in California. The day will begin with a level-setting presentation about education funding in CA including with Jeff Camp the founder and primary writer for This will be followed by a panel discussion that will add different perspectives to the continued conversation, including a PTA state budget advocate, an Assembly Education Committee staffer, and policy analyst from the California Budget & Policy Center. We'll also participate in the CA Budget Challenge exercise which provides hands-on experience in the trade-offs addressed in creating a budget. After lunch, we'll hear from our state legislators in a moderated panel followed by an opportunity to put what we've learned into action. For more information and registration, visit PTA Advocacy Day for Education 2018.

The goal of the Legislative Advocacy committee is to influence, within PTA guidelines, federal, state and local policy makers to pass laws and grant funding which will provide for the improvement and betterment of public.  In order to accomplish this goal, it will clarify legislative issues affecting schools to the parent population and community at large, and encourage them to move to action.

Each unit is asked to appoint a representative to participate on the committee, consisting of representatives from all schools in the SRVUSD, Council board members, the SRVUSD Superintendent, a teacher representative and a school board representative.  Representatives will attend monthly meetings and coordinate legislative activities at their school site.

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