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The theme for the 2018-2019 Reflections Art Program is
"Heroes Around Me"


We encourage students to:

  • Unleash creative talents and be inspired
  • Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork
  • Experience the fun and joy of making art
  • Tap into critical-thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme
  • Receive positive recognition for their original works of art.
PTA Reflections Art Program
"Heroes Around Me"
The theme for the 2018-2019 Reflections Art Program is "Heroes Around Me".
All students are invited to participate and submit one original artwork in one/all of six areas:
  • Dance Choreography
  • Literature
  • Photography
  • Film Production
  • Music Composition
  • Visual Arts
  • Special Artist
1. All literature entries must be handwritten/ printed accompanied with a pdf on a drive or emailed to
2. All video, film and music entries must be on a drive or on a cd/ dvd. 
3. All visual arts and photography entries should be submitted in original form and also be sent
electronically to
4. Entries in all categories should be accompanied with an entrance form which can be found on

the SRVCPTA website or in school office/ library.

5. All entries must be submitted by October 4 in the school library with Ms. Loecher.

6. At the time of submission, students must sign in their details on the sign-in-sheet at the library. 
7. All the participants and winners will be celebrated at our Gale Ranch PTSA - Reflections showcase. 
Date and Time - TBA
8. More details can be found on the website.
9. For questions, please contact 
Gale Ranch Reflections Committee



Title and Artist Statement

Judges will consider your title and artist statement to learn more about your original work and creative interpretation of the theme. Give your work a title that stands out and describe how your work relates to your own personal interpretation of the theme.

Guiding Questions: 

  • How does your work relate to the theme?
  • What is your personal connection to the theme?
  • What did you use to create your work (e.g. supplies, technology, instrumentation, props, etc.)
  • What/who was your inspiration?

Scholarships and Prizes

National level awards include the following: 

  • Merit Award: Bronze Medal; Certificate of Merit; Work featured in the traveling exhibition. 
  • Award of Excellence: $200 Young Artist Scholarship; Silver Medal; Certificate of Excellence; Work featured in the traveling exhibition.
  • Outstanding Interpretation Award: An expense-paid trip for awardee and chaperone to showcase work on stage at the National PTA Awards and Reflections Celebration; $800 Young Artist Scholarship; Gold Medal; Certificate of Outstanding Interpretation; Work featured in the traveling exhibition; $200 Prize for Local PTA Unit.

Review Criteria

Judges look for personal interpretations on the program theme that best exemplify creativity and technical skill. 

  1. Interpretation: How closely the piece relates to the theme, based on the work itself and the artist statement. 
  2. Creativity: How creative and original the piece is in its conception of the theme and its presentation. 
  3. Technique: The level of skill demonstrated in the basic principles/techniques of the arts area.

The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students. Participation and appreciation for the arts is the Reflections Program's goal.

The Reflections Program is structured for PTAs to recognize students at the local unit, council, district, state and national levels.  Each school site is asked to appoint a Reflections Chair that will coordinate the site’s participation in the program, including judging the submissions from that site.

Heroes Around Me

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