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School Loop Guidelines for Students

Gale Ranch Middle School

School Loop

Guidelines for Students

Appropriate Use of School Loop

  • School Loop is a tool for students to use to take responsibility for their learning.
  • School loop should be reserved for academic purposes. It is not to be used for chatting, instant messaging, spamming,      and emailing your friends.



  • Regular assignments and tests can take up to a week for teachers to grade and publish on School Loop.
  • Long term assignments, compositions, and projects can take up to several weeks to grade and publish on School Loop.
  • Grades will be published by the 1st and 15th of each month. We recommend that parents and students check grades on these evenings.

Assignments Homework


  •  All homework will be posted on the board in the classroom and on School Loop and available daily.
  • Students need to listen in class for instructions, notes, and changes to homework assignments and record in their planners. Unfinished class work should be finished at home as homework.
  • Grading cumulative assignments such as binders and reading and writing notebooks are addressed in the teacher’s syllabus and at Back to School Night.

Email Correspondence


  • Before you email your teacher, try to find the answer to your question by looking through your planner, checking School Loop, talk to a classmate, check notes, etc.
  • Please email your teacher when you have an academic concern or need.
  • When emailing a teacher, please remember to do the following:
  • Use proper English and remember that you’re writing to an adult. Do not use text message or IM language and don’t forget to say Please and Thank You.
  • Please note that teachers may not check email after the school day ends.