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Science Bowl

Science Bowl Requirements

Science Bowl Expectations:

A) Citizenship - All members must maintain excellent citizenship at Gale Ranch Middle School.  Members not following school rules or setting a good example for others will be asked to leave the group.  I will be monitoring each member very carefully.  

B) Grades - School comes first.  You need to maintain excellent grades in all subjects, including PE.  Turn in all assignments on time.  

C) Meeting Attendance - You must make every effort to attend Science Bowl Meetings, especially the challenges or quiz events.  If you are already committed to after school sports, band, other clubs or other activities after school on the day of our meetings then Science Bowl may not be for you.  You must make every effort to show up to practice to play in the game.  Attendance will be taken at every meeting.  

D) Complete the Pretest.  Information coming for the dates...

E) Homework - complete all required reading assigned at each Science Bowl meeting.  Homework will be in the form of textbooks as well as online resources.

F) Communication - you and YOUR PARENTS must read the emails I send home through schoolloop as well as read the website for science bowl as it is updated regularly.

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