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Staff Directory

Contact Kathleen Anderson  Kathleen Anderson 8th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Marcy Batza  Marcy Batza 8th Grade Core & Yearbook Teacher
Contact Connie Brunetti  Connie Brunetti 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Sara Faidley  Sara Faidley 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Benjamin Frazier  Benjamin Frazier 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Lauren Geche  Lauren Geche 6th Grade Core & EL Teacher
Contact John Hanavan  John Hanavan 8th grade Core & Art Teacher
Contact Laura Harder  Laura Harder 8th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Kelly Holden  Kelly Holden 8th Grade Core & Speech and Debate Teacher
Contact Seth Hunau  Seth Hunau 7th grade Core & Video Production Teacher
Contact Adria Ibarra  Adria Ibarra 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Esther Knapp  Esther Knapp 7th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Jon Kontilis  Jon Kontilis 7th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Korby Saunders  Korby Saunders 6th grade Core Teacher
Contact Beth Seufert  Beth Seufert 6th grade Core Teacher and GSA faculty advisor
Contact Amanda Tedder  Amanda Tedder 7th grade Core & EL Teacher
Contact Dylan Vaughan  Dylan Vaughan 7th grade Core & Reading Intervention Teacher
Contact Rebecca Baker  Rebecca Baker Math Teacher
Contact Bethami Bergen  Bethami Bergen Math Teacher & Math Counts advisor
Contact Siena Ellis  Siena Ellis Math Teacher
Contact Robin Moresco  Robin Moresco Math Teacher
Contact Tu Neuman  Tu Neuman Math Teacher
Contact Jennifer Wind  Jennifer Wind Math Teacher
Contact Derek Augarten  Derek Augarten Science Teacher
Contact Kent Heckenlively  Kent Heckenlively Science & Forensic Science Teacher
Contact Amelia Larson  Amelia Larson Science Teacher
Contact Matthew Lundberg  Matthew Lundberg Science Teacher
Contact Arash Pakdel  Arash Pakdel Science Teacher
Contact Danielle Pisa  Danielle Pisa Science Teacher
Contact Kathryn Strube  Kathryn Strube Science Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Anthony Bellomo  Anthony Bellomo PE Teacher
Contact Donna Hendrix  Donna Hendrix PE Teacher
Contact Grant Johnson  Grant Johnson PE Teacher & Athletic Director
Contact Bryce Kristal  Bryce Kristal PE & Leadership Teacher
Contact Matthew Schlientz  Matthew Schlientz PE & Digital Photography Teacher
Contact Amy Bame  Amy Bame Living Skills Teacher
Contact Brianna Batti  Brianna Batti Spanish Teacher
Contact Nancy Dougherty  Nancy Dougherty Drama & Reading Intervention Teacher
Contact Spencer Erickson  Spencer Erickson Spanish Teacher
Contact Chris Faidley  Chris Faidley Technology Teacher
Contact Jennifer Reid  Jennifer Reid French Teacher
Contact Brian Sears  Brian Sears Music Teacher
Contact Gail Trenerry  Gail Trenerry Music Teacher
Contact Iris Trujillo  Iris Trujillo Spanish Teacher
Contact Xumin Zhang  Xumin Zhang Chinese Teacher
Special Eduation
Contact Desiree Bussiere  Desiree Bussiere Paraeducator
Contact Jyoti Dave  Jyoti Dave Resource Teacher
Contact Kathleen Ebers  Kathleen Ebers Resource Teacher
Contact Ashley Jones  Ashley Jones School Psychologist
Contact Ramya Karthikeyan  Ramya Karthikeyan Paraeducator
Contact Lucia Morgin  Lucia Morgin Paraeducator
Contact Sara Opeyany  Sara Opeyany SDC Teacher
Contact Gena Schisel  Gena Schisel Speech Therapist
Contact Meka Tull  Meka Tull School Psychologist
Contact Jenna Warner  Jenna Warner Paraeducator
Contact Lapondza Woolridge  Lapondza Woolridge Paraeducator
Contact Meighen Eberly  Meighen Eberly Assistant Principal
Contact Leona Lam  Leona Lam Assistant Principal
Contact Jenny Torres  Jenny Torres Principal
Contact Andrea Calloway  Andrea Calloway Counselor (Last Names M-Z)
Contact Jodina Ehle  Jodina Ehle Counselor (Last Names A-L)
Contact Jennifer Zotter  Jennifer Zotter Counselor
Specialists/Support Services
Contact Shahab Babakhani  Shahab Babakhani Computer Systems Assistant
Contact Tehseen Khan  Tehseen Khan Social Worker
Contact Mary Joanne Loecher  Mary Joanne Loecher Teacher-Librarian
Contact Jeannie Louie  Jeannie Louie Library Media Coordinator
Contact Nancy Sheets  Nancy Sheets School Nurse
Office Staff
Contact Beverly Ball  Beverly Ball Counselor Tech/Registrar
Contact Heidi Bindi  Heidi Bindi Attendance
Contact Renée Butruce  Renée Butruce Office Manager
Contact Bharathi Harapanahalli  Bharathi Harapanahalli Secretary
Contact Maheshika Jayasuriya  Maheshika Jayasuriya Clerk Typist
Contact Trina Walker  Trina Walker Secretary
Contact Ceasar Baron  Ceasar Baron Custodian
Contact Eric Bitar  Eric Bitar Custodian
Contact Enrico Cortes  Enrico Cortes Custodian
Contact Johnny Martinez  Johnny Martinez Lead Custodian
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